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Sweet ‘n’ Salty by Matea​​​​​​​ finalistica je u kategoriji 'Top foodie'

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"Da moram birati, uvijek bih se priklonila slatkome," rekla je Matea.

Ako je i tebi teško izabrati između slatkoga i slanoga na Instagram profilu Sweet ‘n’ Salty by Matea pronaći ćeš oboje.

Matea se u Gastro zvijezdi 2019. našla kao favorit u kategoriji "Top foodie".


Možda vas zanima... Čokoladni semifreddo s lješnjacima i dulce de lecheom Kolumne


Mileram kolač sa smokvama, crno-bijeli princess uštipci i cimet rolice samo su neki od recepata koje je podijelila s nama. 

Svoj glas Matei možeš pokloniti na stranici gastro-zvijezda.hr.


Hey, it's Friyay!! 🎉 Today I'm bringing you #cinnamonbuns A wonderful autumn comfort dessert. Packed with flavor, beautiful scent and everything that provides you with that warm feeling of staying at home on a cold day. It’s rainy outside, you are there with your blanket and a warm cup of coffee or tea. You and your cinnamon bun. Sure, we’ll make it buns. Plural. Netflix as well, probably. Wow, that’s one hell of an experience. That’s what autumn is to me. All that summer heat is finally gone, and we are stuck with homey smells of cinnamon, cloves, anise... Pumpkins, apples, pears. Now, that’s life. And I like my buns moist. Man, this sounds wrong on so many levels, but let’s stay on focus here! Cinnamon buns often tend to be dry. But not these, nah. There’s a special trick to it. For the dough take 120 ml of warm milk, 70 g melted butter, 1 larger room temp. egg, 250 g all-purpose flour, 60 g of sugar, 7 g of dry yeast and a pinch of salt. Make the dough and let it rise. When risen, roll into a rectangle, approx. 5 mm thick. Coat the dough surface with the mixture you previously made from 100 g of softened butter, 100 g of brown sugar and 2 tbsp of cinnamon. Roll it into a log and cut into 4-5 cm wide rolls. Arrange them on a greased baking tray and let them double in size. When risen enough, pour 200 ml of warm heavy cream over it. Now, that’s the trick to get them moist. Bake it for about 25 mins on 180 deg C. Let them slightly chill, and before digging in, cover buns with the mixture made of 100 g of cream cheese (room temp.). 2-3 tbsp of Greek yogurt, 60 g of softened butter, 70 g powdered sugar and 2 tsp vanilla extract. Add more sugar if desired. Once they cool completely, I suggest heating your buns a bit before eating them and then coat them with cream cheese mixture. Go make this for yourself and thank me later. Or invite me to eat them with you. I accept both, but prefer the second. . . . . #cooking #instaphoto #instacooking #cakestagram #instadaily #buzzfeast #photooftheday #foodphotography #thefeedfeed #food #foodstagram #delicious #foodporn #thecookfeed #thebakefeed #lunch #dessert #instafood #tasty #toptags #foodblogger #hot #foodpic #cuisine

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