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Food blogerica koju morate pratiti

foto: @unconventionalbaker, Instagram
gastro postao gastro.24sata.hr
Iza nježnih, često kremastih i voćnih deserata, stoji blogerica Unconventional Baker.

Audrey Snow zaista je neuobičajena blogerica jer je njena prehrana bezglutenska, ne upotrebljava mliječne proizvode ni rafinirani šećer, veganka je, a voli eksperimentirati i sa sirovom hranom.



Audrey je počela kulinarsku avanturu zbog zdravstvenih problema, a danas ima gotovo 120 tisuća pratitelja na Instagramu i  aplikaciju Unconventional Treats sa 150 recepata, instrukcijama za početnike i savjetima.



Yeah... so after a day of just responding to backlogged blog questions and emails, etc. I think I made a tiny little dent in the stuff that needed replying to 😅 🙈 📬 Still have a ways to go, so plan B -- I'll just keep munching on these #hazelnut #truffles and hopefully get the recipe up by tomorrow instead... 🌰✨🍫 ... Maybe some sleep will happen in between too😴... I wanted to say thank you as well to the people who have been nominating and recommending my insta and blog in various places -- your support is always much appreciated. I always feel a bit of disbelief whenever I get tagged or see my blog pop up as a recommendation. It's overwhelming and beautiful all at once 💛🙏 I was thinking it would be fun to share accounts that make us smile or that inspire us on insta. Tag an account in the comments that makes you happy -- big or small -- and share why. I'll start -- tagging @caitlinfoulds because she's a lady (and foodie) after my heart and frequently makes me break out into a smile with her captions 😘

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Ako vam je hitno potrebna gastro inspiracija, ali i ideje za serviranje i fotografiranje, obavezno pregledajte Instagram profil, a recepte potražite na blogu



So I may have created the world’s girliest power bar… Leave it to me to take something meant to function as a super plain quick snack on the go and turn it into something that looks like it belongs in a patisserie instead… 🙈😄 Oh well, looks aside, these turned out so delicious. Soft and chewy in just the right way, and VERY chocolatey. And packed with @tryabouttime chocolate protein powder and a few unexpected flavors that make these a protein bar in disguise feel more like a decadent dessert -- which is a big deal for me, because I often find commercial power bars to be a little ...stale? ...strange? ...or just filled with things I can't eat. I'm sticking with these puppies from now on 😋🍫😍 Recipe is on the blog (via link in profile): Chocolate Protein Power Bars ✨ #homemade #chocolatebars with #tryabouttime #veganprotein #glutenfree #dairyfree #refinedsugarfree #nutfree #oilfree #sponsored

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